Our Services

Our Services

We offer specialized Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing building services systems from concept to detailed design and all phases of construction management for various types of building use, site supervision, client technical advisor, energy analyses, Energy audits and saving, carbon footprint reduction approach, feasibility studies, Project Management, investigative reports, contract negotiations, Tender Evaluation and recommendations ,Developing MEP specifications, professional and independent peer/third party reviews and everything related to MEP engineering. Our approach tailored to the requirements of each individual project and the customer benefits from the company's thought of providing the best and most creative construction designs.

We deliver practical cost-effective MEP design solutions with sustainable approach to optimize the energy consumption, developed through in-depth knowledge of best standard industry practices. Our expertise is of MEP services with a guarantee of engineering excellence and strong support from our In-House Technical Teams, which we intend to utilize on any project awarded to us. We have equipped ourselves with a fully functional experienced in house engineering staff in the UAE.

Apart from above, we are also expert in doing retrofit, renovation for different kind of the building use and specialized design works of the radiant floor cooling for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have completed more than six projects of the radiant floor cooling for F & B outdoor application in UAE and Middle East, which are successfully operating after testing and commissioning since last several years.

Specialized MEP Services

Apart from above MEP services, we also do specialized MEP services as below:

  Revit MEP Design   Feasibility Studies   Site inspection and site assessment   Retrofit and Renovation MEP works   Peer Review of Third-Party Designs   MEP particular Technical Specifications preparation and development   Value Engineering   Tender Evaluation and recommendations   Contract negotiations   Construction Supervision Management   Projects Management Offices (PMO) representatives

  Act as client representatives for Review & QA/QC works   Client technical advisor   Sustainable Energy Efficient MEP Design Approach   Energy audits and saving   Renewable Technologies   IT & Controls   Radiant Floor indoor/outdoor cooling system   F & B specialist MEP services   Solving Chilled water Delta T syndrome issues   Specialized in interior fit out MEP design